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“Dear tourism trade partners,

Finland DMC belongs to a family-run hotel company that has been welcoming guests for 12 generations. We want to share our love towards our home country and welcome your guests to feel it themselves. Our local, Finnish team want to offer your clients true and authentic experiences in Finland.

Let us help you provide truly unforgettable, warm, and friendly services to your customers. Finland is stunning all year round, and we make you discover the highlights of each season in every region of our breath-taking country.

We are looking forward to work with you, and for you!

Team Finland DMC“

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How to enjoy Finland, the happiest country in the world:

Happiness is simple: all you need is nature, pure local food, relaxation in sauna and safe environment. We have it all and we help you to discover it.

It’s all about the rhythm: make sure your customers have enough time to enjoy and
feel the country.

Whether your customers have time for a short, 3 nights’ stay, or longer, maybe 14 nights’ holiday in mind, Finland will offer its best for each day. We usually recommend having at least 2 nights in the same hotel to have enough time to try the local specialities and relax.

Finland is a very versatile country – with its 4 seasons, there will always be ways to enjoy the nature. In winter, you can explore the wilderness with snowshoes, skis, snowmobiles, even riding a team of huskies, whereas in summer you can hop on a lake cruise, canoe through the maze of island, hike, and bike in the forests. Throughout spring to autumn, you can pick up berries, mushrooms, and herbs.

Finland is one of the best destinations to see Northern Lights. In the north part of the country, the Northern Lights season starts in September and continues until the mid of April.

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Why Finland?


Reconnect with nature

Finland has the most beautiful forests and lake system in Europe. It is also home to very rich wildlife: bears, reindeer, seals, moose…


Enjoy the rich
four seasons

Full-spectrum of colours: the white winters to green spring and summer, and magnificent reddish autumn.


Outdoor activities to suit all tastes

From family-friendly hiking, boating, biking… to adrenalin boosters like snowmobile safari and husky rides
– we have it all!


Finland is safe,
clean and pure

Finland has been ranked as one world’s cleanest, greenest and happiest countries.