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So close to all European capitals, yet so unique, your next-door neighbour Finland will surprise your customers every season.

Travellers will leave behind the crowds, traffic jams, pollution, and stress to re-discover nature, serenity, and harmony while enjoying amazing outdoor activities.


Capital: Helsinki
Official languages: Finnish and Swedish, but English is widely spoken
Time zone: Winter UTC +2 Summer UTC +3
Driving side: Right
Currency: Euro €
Drinking water: Tap water
Gratuities: There is no culture of tipping in Finland



Helsinki, Turku


International airport gateways:

Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo, Kuusamo, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Savonlinna, Tampere, Turku


Flight durations to Helsinki Airport:

London – 3 hours
Paris – 3 hours
Milan – 3 hours
Berlin – 2 hours
Frankfurt – 2,5 hours
Barcelona – 4 hours
New York – 8 hours




Finland belongs to European Union and is part of the Schengen area.

For possible visa information, please visit here.


Emergency number:


There is only one emergency number in Finland. Please do not call the emergency number unless you have a genuine emergency for which you need urgent assistance from the authorities (police, paramedics, firefighters).