Luxurious Experience

Luxurious FullExperience Lakeland


A private retreat in a luxury serenity villa with an individual sauna and breathtaking scenery window. This is a full immersion experience in the Finnish forest by lake Saimaa, available all year long.

This program can be combined in summer season with a private cruise on a luxury steamboat for a simple day cruise or dining and overnight on board.

This package is available in the Lakeland region throughout the year.

Luxury Lapland

Luxurious FullExperience Lapland


Luxury experience in the heart of the arctic nature, combining high-end culinary delights with spectacular Aurora borealis, unforgettable accommodation, and great activities, this is something that your clients will recommend to their friends.


This package is available in the Lapland region during the winter season.

finland archipelago

Luxurious Experience in Archipelago


When your clients are searching for a personalized experience and feel Finnish hospitality, our Luxurious package in the Archipelago is the one you are looking for. Just 1 hour away from Helsinki, your clients will enjoy the sea, the islands, and the forest of the stunning Archipelago region in luxurious accommodation, throughout the year.

The Archipelago region is on it's best through May until end of September.

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