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Nature experience



More than 75% of Finland is covered with forests and around 10% of lakes, making Finland a great destination for all kinds of nature experiences. Researches have shown that being in the nature can reduce stress and improve mood. The close connection to the nature is also one of the main reasons for Finnish people to be the happiest people in the world.

aurora lights

Nature Experience in Lapland


This is the place to enjoy the breathtaking Aurora Borealis. During the day, the Lappish tundra will also amaze your guests, and they will have the opportunity to interact with reindeer, huskies, and maybe even elves! Nature Experience carries on also from the guests’ rooms as they will sleep under the stars in a glass igloo.

These experiences are available in Lapland region during the winter season (Nov-Apr).

Lapland is also stunning in summer season (Jun-Aug) to admire the midnight sun. 

In autumn (Sept-Oct), before the snow falls you can enjoy the autumn colours and if you are lucky the northern lights.

man kayaking

Nature Experience in Lakeland


The hidden gem of Finland is a lake system with thousands of islands. A pure and unspoiled ecosystem where your guests can even drink water from the lake. It’s also home to very rich and rare wildlife – this is where the famous Saimaa Ringed Seals can be spotted while cruising or fishing on the lakes.

In addition to the great water activities, our Nature Experience package is giving the opportunity to discover the Finnish forests and the oldest national park in our country.

The Lakeland region is a great destination to explore throughout the year.

Nature Archipelago FinlandDMC

Nature Experience in Archipelago


With more than 50,000 islands across the sea, Finnish archipelago is the world’s largest, and there are plenty of hidden gems to be discovered. From lively coastal cities to secluded lighthouses, historic manors and national parks, Finland's coast has it all. 

Spend few days in the capital city and discover Helsinki. Walking with or without a guide around is the best way to enjoy this charming town. Not to be missed are the fortress island Suomenlinna and the public saunas Helsinki has.

The Archipelago region is on it's best through May until end of September. 

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