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Kuru Resort

Your Private Retreat

Kuru is more than just a destination. Kuru is a peaceful resort for adults where you can relax and recover from the demands of everyday life. Kuru invites you to experience a unique luxury retreat in Saimaa, Finland.

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Time to relax

Relax. Breathe. Just let it go.

Kuru is designed to be a place where you can find peace and mindfulness. Kuru offers you a luxurious scenery in the midst of a peaceful forest to fully relax and recover, both body and mind.

In Kuru, you can indulge with relaxing spa treatments, delicious food and guided relaxation classes. The staff takes care of you so you can focus on relaxation.

Villas & Suites

Kuru’s luxurious Villas and Suites are designed to create private encounters with nature: Each room is designed with natural elements and breathtaking scenery windows. Also, every room has a private Spa & Sauna.

The rooms are designed to be your dream home in the midst of the fragrant pine forest and breathtaking views to the lake.

Kuru wellness classes

Your peaceful relaxation does not end in the tranquil accommodation. Kuru hosts deeply relaxing wellness classes daily. The classes focus on breathing exercises, meditation, sound baths, and gentle yoga.

Restaurant Solitary

Restaurant Solitary offers a surprise menu that is based on high quality handwork and seasonal ingredients. The head Chef Remi Trémouille has travelled the world cooking in many of the most prestigious restaurants, and has now returned back to his roots in Rantasalmi.

Remi’s passion for cooking, combined with a carefully considered, locally sourced main ingredients bring together a culinary sensation with the best flavors of both Finland and the world.

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Product Manager

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