Experience the Arctic nature

Northernmost Lapland

Northern lights and the midnight sun

In the North of Finnish Lapland lies the arctic travel destination of Lapland North. Here you can enjoy the opportunities for year-round travel offered by Finland’s two largest national parks, vibrant local culture, and numerous outdoor activities amid the majestic fells.


The Northern Lights dance in the sky over 200 nights a year and the Midnight Sun shines nearly 100 nights throughout the summer. Lapland North is a unique destination with pristine, unspoiled Arctic wilderness and high-quality services.


How to reach the northernmost Lapland?

Lapland North region is only a 1,5-hour flight from Helsinki. There are several daily flights between Helsinki and Ivalo. It is also possible to fly to Rovaniemi and continue your way up north by bus. The closest airport on the Norwegian side is Kirkenes. . 

North Lapland Vacations

Traveling in Lapland North Destinations is an adventure filled with unexpected encounters with enchanting Lappish nature and intriguing local culture. Welcome to Lapland North - Here you will find your true nature!


In northernmost Lapland you can visit multiple destinations in one trip and experience the intriguing culture and diverse nature of the area. There are several villages with curious attractions and local services.

In the area there are two largest national parks in Finland: Lemmenjoki National Park and Urho Kekkonen Natural Park. There is also the largest wilderness area in Finland, Kaldoaivi, and five other wilderness areas, Kevo Strict Nature Reserve and Inari Hiking Area.



Top destinations

Lake Inari – The Sámi Sea, is the largest lake in Lapland. Inari is also the centre of the Sámi culture. It hosts the Sámi Museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida as well as the Sámi cultural centre Sajos.

Saariselkä village offers all the services a traveller can dream of, from all types of lodging to food and entertainment. Saariselkä area has over 200 km of cross-country ski tracks as well as biking and hiking. It also hosts the northernmost ski resort in Europe, and the Finland’s longest tobogganing slope!

Utsjoki is a small authentic village by River Tenojoki, on the border of Finland and Norway.

Nuorgam is the northernmost village in Finland and the EU. It has the longest polar night and the nightless night. Both Utsjoki and Nuorgam, offer an easy access to Kirkenes Region in Norway. There you can experience the amazing Arctic Ocean!

Nellim North Lappland


Lapland North Destionatins also offers a versatile choice of high-standard accommodation options: glass igloos and many other types of aurora or midnight sun lodgings, hotels, villas, chalets, and cottages.

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There is no shortage of activities in Lapland North throughout the year.

In winter you can go snowmobiling, downhill and cross-country skiing, winter biking, ice fishing or snowshoeing, just to mention a few. There are many aurora experiences available, too!

In summer you can enjoy the nature while hiking, open fell biking, horseback riding, paddling, boating, and fishing.

In autumn you can explore the beautiful autumn colours by foraging, hiking, biking, with a canoe or a boat. Our furry friends, reindeer and huskies, can be met year-round!

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Design House Idoli, Ivalo_Lapland North Destinations

The Gourmet Culture

The Lappish gourmet culture is rich and tasty, and it offers flavors for very taste.

In Lapland North you can enjoy delicacies that are produced, collected, and hunted by locals. There is a large variety of cuisine from fine dining restaurants to a Laplander’s hut where the food is prepared on an open fire.

*Photo: Design House Idoli, Ivalo. Lapland North Destinations

Sami -inari-saariselka_Lapland North Destinations

The indigenous Sámi culture

With a history spanning over 5000 years, the indigenous Sámi culture is deeply rooted in the lands of Finnish Lapland.

Immerse yourself in rich cultural experiences at Sámi center Siida, where you can learn about traditional practices, crafts, and the unique way of life of the Sámi people.

Explore iconic landmarks such where you'll also find opportunities to engage with Sámi culture through storytelling, music, and authentic cuisine. Discover the enduring charm and heritage of Lapland through the lens of the Sámi people, whose traditions continue to shape the region's identity.

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