The Unexpected

Lake Park

A mind-changing journey

Expect the unexpected in Kuopio Lake Park, located in the very heart of Northern Savonia in Kuopio, Finland.

The whole region, consisting of stunning freshwater lake parks and bubbling urban city areas welcomes the lucky travellers to enjoy a variety of mini vacations that will change the way you see the world.

Lake Park vacations are carefully curated pieces of authentic Finnish life that couples, families, groups and friends are served with heartfelt Savonian hospitality.

Forget the crowded beaches, traffic jams or ever rising temperatures. Lake Park awaits you with breathtaking Finnish nature and the secret behing the world’s happiest people.

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A relaxing 4-hour train ride away from Helsinki or a quick and easy 1-hour flight straight from Helsinki Airport.

Lake Park Vacations

Vacation packages include a 1–4-day stop in the Kuopio area, a travel guide, transportation, the city and activities, food and accommodation. The packages can be built from various modules according to your preferences. Kuopio Lake Park can be one of the best areas to visit when exploring Finland.

Lake Park Active

Lake Park Active is an active four-day lake nature holiday for groups of more than 4 people with a thirst for adventure. Active vacations take place in Kuopio or Tervo.

Make the most out of the Nordic nature with wide selection of activities from wave floating and mountain biking to camping and boating trips. Connect with the wild nature and reload your batteries in the serenity of your private beach villa.

Lake Park Experience is available for friends and groups. Pricing depending on the chosen activity.

Kuopio Lake Park is an experience all year round.

Kuopio’s urban experiences and comforts are available all year round. Experience the traditional Finnish sauna, luxurious spa and wellness treatments and the city’s restaurants, museums and culture.

Overcrowded beaches?
Nope, not here.

Experience the exceptional Finnish winter by ice skating, ice fishing, snowshoeing, kicksledding or for the daring, taking a refreshing swim in the frozen, dark waters. And, naturally, enjoy the Finnish sauna afterwards.

The ideal time to enjoy the winter season is from November/December to February.

The four season
Lake Park experience.

In the spring the nature blossoms after the long winter, and Finland’s gentle, vibrantly green summer is full of unforgettable experiences with swimming, boating and a wide-variety of water sports, biking, hiking and the breathtaking midnight sun.

The autumn arrives with striking colours of red and gold and Finland’s vast forests are full of mushrooms and fresh berries.

Kuopio Lake Park

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