Wellness Experience


Wellness Experience

The Finnish sauna is the temple of wellbeing and with more than 2.5 million saunas for a 5.3 million population, it’s really the heart of the local culture. For this theme, we have selected for your clients the best Spa resorts offering authentic sauna experiences along with superior Spa treatments.

Wellness Experience In Lakeland


In the heart of the Lakeland region, on the shores of Lake Saimaa, this resort offers one of the most spectacular Spa & Sauna facilities in Finland. With its stone and wooden atmosphere, your customers will enjoy 6 different sauna experiences.

A professional team of therapists is available for spa treatments, as well as yoga instructors for several different types of yoga experiences. This is a unique product for travelers seeking a full detox vacation.

This experience is available throughout the year.

wellness treatment, stones on back

Wellness Experience In Lapland


Your clients will combine the stunning experiences of the Arctic nature with the relaxing and rejuvenating saunas and Spa treatments. It could also be as simple as walking or enjoying cross country skiing in a very pure environment.

Our ancestral traditions kept us connected with the source of the wellbeing… our unmatched nature. Let us share with your guests some of our recipes.

This experience is available throughout the year.

Sauna Vihta

Wellness Experience In Archipelago


Wellbeing is all about changing the rhythm, forgetting the hectic city life pressure, and re-discovering the simple pleasures. The Archipelago region has everything your clients need to re-charge their batteries.
Walking in the forest, a pure environment, cozy sauna, and relaxing spa treatments, all the ingredients of a real detox vacation are there.

This experience is available throughout the year.

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